With this license, you can handle storm damage to property (excluding flood),
automobile claims including property damage & bodily injury, slip-and-fall injury can
think of.


There are some claims which require additional certification, and it might be
the type of adjuster that is in demand.

Flood Claims:  To handle flood claims, one must also have a flood certificate from
FEMA (fema.gov).  FEMA includes the National Flood Insurance Program.  Flood
policies may be issued by FEMA or they may be issued by standard insurance
companies but with FEMA language and backing.  "Flood claim" does not include
water damages from a broken pipe in a structure.  Flood policies cover rising water
from a natural source and you need a flood certificate to handle it.

Coastal Wind Claims:  You can handle a wind claim in most states with this
license.  However, you may have to have a special "wind & hail" certificate from the
state to handle claims in that state.  In Texas, coastal wind & hail coverage is
provided and overseen by a state agency called TWIA (Texas Wind Insurance
Association).  In other coastal states, the coastal wind & hail coverage is offered by
a similar entity called Citizens Insurance.

Crop Insurance Claims:  You can not handle claims to growing crops.  
That type of claim requires a Crop Adjuster Certification/License.  
Getting the certificate requires about a few days in class and an apprenticeship
with the company who hires you.  The best way to learn about crop adjusting is to
search the Internet.

Earthquake:  You will need an earthquake certificate and your adjuster license to
handle this type of claim.  Earthquake classes are held several times a year as live
classes and online.
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