Becoming an Adjuster...
  • Download & complete the 10 hours of required pre-study if you are attending the Live 3-day class.

  • Attend the 30 hours of classroom training (90% attendance required) or complete the 40 hour On-
    Line (Self-Paced) TX All-Lines Adjuster License course.

  • Pass the end of course exam with a score of 70% or better to earn your Certificate of Completion.

  • FINGERPRINTS:  For residents and non-residents of Texas, visit or call (888)
    467-2080 to schedule your required fingerprinting appointment and keep your electronic fingerprint
    receipt as it will be needed in the application process.  The Service Code is 11G6QF.

  • ELECTRONIC APPLICATION: For Texas Residents, Texas Designated Home State Applicants, and
    Non-Residents, apply at and complete the Online Adjuster Licensing application.  
           -- Pay the $50.00 Application Fee (non-refundable).
         -- At the end of the license application process, in the green message box at the top of   
            the License Application Confirmation page, click the Attach Documents link and
            upload the PDF copy of your fingerprinting receipt and your Certificate of  
  • If a student submits their Application with a wrong License Type, they may have to
    submit a new application and pay another $50.00 fee to the state.

  • How to submit supporting documentation for an ELECTRONIC PENDING APPLICATION:
    A. If your application was submitted through NIPR's electronic application, please send the
    documentation directly to;
    B. If your application was submitted through the SIRCON Compliance Express electronic
    application, please follow the instructions:
  • On the License Application Confirmation Page or the License Application Activity
    Inquiry, find the Attach Supporting Documents button (paperclip icon) in the "Action"
  • Click the button to open the Attach Supporting Documents page.
  • There you can browse for the electronic document on your computer system, provide a
    description to give context for the reviewer, and
  • UPLOAD the document(s) to the license application.
  • NOTE:  Email attachments supporting a PENDING APPLICATION sent to the will be DELETED.

  • PAPER APPLICATION:  If you are required to apply using a paper application, follow the instructions
    provided on the application and apply for your license by mail.  The paper application for Individual
    Agent/Adjuster License is located using the following link: TDI license application (FIN506).

  • For Adjuster Licensing questions, contact the Texas Department of Insurance at 512-676-6500 or
    866-554-4926 or email

  • If you are not already working for an insurance company or claims contractor, go to our Claims
    Contractors page and start applying.  

  • After you are hired by an Insurance Company or on a roster with a Claims Contractor, we
    recommend you seek other training that will compliment what you have been hired to do.  

  • As much as we would like for you to do ALL of your training with AAA Training Unlimited, it is our
    opinion that you should seek post-employment training advice from the company that hires you/puts
    you on their roster.