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Practical Application of Ethics
(1 Hour - TDI Course #111040)
Even though the course material is Property and Casualty based, it is a great course
for anyone renewing an insurance license.

Day to Day Ethical Challenges
(2 Hour - TDI Course #111237)
In the course of an agent or adjusters daily activities, there are situations that are
going to challenge a persons ability to make the right decision.  

What Every Adjuster Should Know Before Going to a Storm
(8 Hour - TDI   Course #111240)
Ever wonder what it is like to go and work storm damage?
Have you ever wanted to go on a storm but had no clue what to expect or what
    to take with you?

Building Materials Recognition from the Ground Up
(8 Hour - TDI Course #111239)
Would you like to know how a house is put together?
Do you want to learn the basics of how to scope a loss?
Have you ever wanted to see how an adjuster builds a claim?

The Average Family's Liability Risk
(3 Hour - TDI Course #111246)
In this class we will discuss the typical families liabilities to include:
Personal liability
Auto liability
What a home owner has to loose
Dealing with risk

Basic Auto Estimatics Part I
(5 Hour - TDI Course #113262)
In this course you will learn about:
Estimating Software
Parts of the vehicle
Claims Process
Understanding basic auto repair

Basic Auto Estimatics Part II
(6 Hour - TDI Course #113263)
In this course you will learn about:
Estimating structural damage
Parts replacement
Understanding basic auto body painting

Basic Auto Estimatics Part III
(8 Hour - TDI Course #113269)
In this course you will learn:
Vehicle components
Scoping auto damage

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