Xactimate 28

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Xactimate 28 Classroom Course
Cost is $275.00 per student
16.5 Credit Hours - TDI Course #111732

2-day Live Classroom Training ONLY in Irving, Texas (see Class Calendar)

We are
not offering any Online Training for Xactimate.

Xactimate Demo Click Here

Under the 'FREE DEMO' click Dowload and 'Add To Cart.'
Choose the Xactimate Desktop Version 28.
DO NOT USE Microsoft Edge.  
Make sure you download the current version of Microsoft Silverlight, if needed.  
If the Xactimate program installed correctly, an icon will appear on your desktop.
Double Click on the Xactimate Icon and enter your Xact ID and Password and update/sync.  

Then follow the instructions below:


This training does NOT include any type of Level One, Two, or Three Xactimate Certification.

If you choose to participate in the Certification, please visit the Xactware website.  
Xactware will charge a $100.00 fee for testing.  

If you have any technical problems installing the software, please contact the following Xactware Support Options:

eService Center
Get the help you need from Xactware's eService Center. The eService Center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a
year.  Through the eService Center, customers can access a database with over 1,700 documents, videos, product
tips, and more. Updated frequently, the eService Center provides content by product categories, helping users get
the assistance they need in the most user-friendly manner possible.

Live Chat Support (via eService Center)
Need to speak with a customer support specialist? Our knowledgeable Xactware staffers are available to chat 24/7,
363 days a year (closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) to assist customers in real time.
The online support is free, part of a subscription to any Xactware product, and is available via the eService Center.
Along with your desktop computer, online chat is supported on mobile devices that allow full browser functionality.

Phone Support
Xactware customer support specialists are available to take your phone calls to address any Xactware-related
issues for an additional fee of $20 per case. Phone support is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mountain Time Monday -
Friday (closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) at 1-800-710-9228.
CALL TO ENROLL:                                      817.261.3108                                  800.711.2514                           

Day 1:

Control Center Tab - Dashboard

I.   XactiAnalysis Communications
a.  Receiving claims
b.  Recent projects/project preview

II.   Preferences
a.  Setting system defaults

III.  Document Modules
a.  Creating company headers
b.  Creating opening statements

IV. Projects
a.  Requesting price list
b.  Creating a new project
c.  Claim info tab
d.  Coverage/Loss tab
e.  Parameters   
f.   Loss recap
g.  Report management

V.  Estimate Items
a.  Grouping - building a tree/dimensioning
b.  Search - category codes/selection codes
c.  Quick Entry - Adding line items, changing pricing, adding notes, depreciation, labor minimums
d.  Global changes, creating macros

Day 2:  

VI.  Sketch
a.   Tool bar, Options
b.   Diagramming floor plans
c.   Diagramming roofs
d.   Graphical estimating
e.   Short cuts

VII.  Building an estimate/completing estimate
  • Go to My Projects and click on the plus button to create a test / fictitious claim.                                                         
  • After you create the test claim, close it and click on the Sync icon in the upper right hand corner.                         
  • Reopen your test claim and click on Parameters and then click on the Price List arrow and select Smart List.  
  • From the "Select Price List" Pop-up, click on "Request a price list".                                                                              
  • For the State select "TX," for the city select "DF" and then click on Download.                                                           
  • At this point, you should have a current price list downloaded to your computer and bring to class.