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AAA Training Unlimited - Training Adjusters & Agents Since 2002
Ron Hart
Ron Hart, the founder of AAA Training Unlimited, started his career in the insurance industry over 35
years ago.  He began as a claims representative and over time, he was promoted to a Regional
Supervisor.  As his career advanced, Ron became a Director of Claims and later the CFO/Partner in a
regional claims adjusting firm.  After 20 years of industry experience, he became the Products
Manager of Texas’ largest insurance training school before starting Training Unlimited in 2002.  Under
Ron’s leadership, Training Unlimited has become an industry leader in training, known for its quality of
instruction and for being a company of integrity.   

Glen McCarthy
Glen McCarthy, QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor) and active independent claims adjuster, and joined
AAA Training Unlimited in September 2009.  He started in the insurance industry in 1990 in sales and
throughout his career has worked in claims, management, and training.  In the 15 years prior to joining
Training Unlimited, Glen worked for one of the nation’s largest insurance and securities training firms in
various capacities, to include training, management and product development.  
His passion then and his passion today with Training Unlimited is in education and training.  
Glen’s focus has never wavered from giving students the best training experience possible, while
helping them pass insurance and security exams and while teaching Continuing Education courses.

Tonia Sharp-Sanders
Tonia Sharp-Sanders is an active independent claims adjuster, and joined AAA Training Unlimited in
July 2010.  She started handling losses in 1995 as a Fields Claims Adjuster (residential and
commercial).  Tonia's experience in handling claims, supervising adjusters, and working with policies,  
gives her a vast  knowledge that you will not find in most instructors.  She has deployed to most major
storm events in the U.S., including Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy.   When you attend one of  Tonia's
classes, you will immediately notice that she brings years of experience to the classroom along with her
positive outlook.       

Alice Flood
Alice Flood is a professional in the fields of Insurance and Real Estate Investment, based in the
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area.  She received her BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington.  
After more than 10 years in commercial real estate lending and operations, Alice accepted management
and administrative positions in the technical and finance industries until 2009, at which time she began
her career as an independent insurance adjuster.  Alice has worked as a field adjuster, qualifying for
rope and harness/steep roof assignments, as well as a claim reviewer and team manager for multiple
staffing and insurance companies.  She is a licensed private pilot, and her cat Gracie accompanies her
on adjusting assignments as comic relief.
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